Meet a Bridging the Gap Participant: Mitch McIntyre

Meet a Bridging the Gap Participant: Mitch McIntyre

This month, Mitch McIntyre will be participating in the 2015 Coloplast Canadian Wheelchair Rugby Championships. He’s come a long way since we first met him at Wascana Rehab Center! Leanne from Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association sat down with him to find out about how playing wheelchair rugby has impacted his life.

Where did you first experience Wheelchair Rugby?

I first experienced wheelchair rugby while I was at Wascana Rehab Center about a month after my spinal cord injury. Team Sask trained at the gym there and a member of the team invited me to come check it out

What made you decide to play for Team Saskatchewan?

After about 6 months I got my neck brace off and my doctors cleared me to play. I went down to the gym, hopped in a chair and as soon as I hit the first guy I was hooked. I got out of the hospital that summer and joined the team the following season.

What is the most memorable moment you have had thus far playing Wheelchair Rugby?

I think my most memorable moments so far were being awarded the 2014 rookie of the year and going out to London for the team Canada prospect camp.

What is the ultimate goal for you in wheelchair rugby?

 My ultimate goal is to one day make the national team.  Proudly wear my countries colors, compete internationally and win gold at the Paralympics.