Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is a great individual sport for those looking for a game that’s both mentally and physically challenging. Wheelchair athletes play in both singles and doubles events, and there are divisions for men, women and quadriplegics. Looking for a sport to play with an able-bodied friend or family member? Wheelchair tennis is easy to modify for play with able-bodied people, and there are even “up/down” tournaments between people in wheelchairs and people standing.

Wheelchair tennis is:
• An individual sport, perfect for people who live outside a major city.
• Played on both indoor and outdoor courts.
• Played by people aged 8 to 50+. Many provinces have junior wheelchair tennis programs, like the Little Aces program.
• Played on a recreational to a competitive basis. Elite wheelchair tennis athletes frequently travel to tournaments around the world.
• Played by athletes with many different disabilities, including: spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, amputation, arthritis, avascular necrosis, and others.
• Played on an identical court as able-bodied tennis, but with modified rules.

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