What We Do

Getting physically active if you have a disability can be challenging. Where do you start? What wheelchair sports can you play? How do you get the right equipment? How do you find a program nearby?

That’s where Bridging the Gap: Getting Physically Active comes in. Our program is open to all, regardless of age, fitness level, or injury. As long as you think you would benefit from wheelchair sports, you’re welcome to join us!

We offer:

Have a Go Days: Our Program Coordinators across Canada host Have a Go Days and other events that allow people with disabilities to try a variety of wheelchair sports in a fun, supportive atmosphere. We provide everything from the sports wheelchairs to the straps to the equipment. If you need transportation to the event, we can arrange it. Best of all: it’s free! To check out upcoming Have a Go Days, click here.

Referrals: Our core sports are wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis. If you’re interested in another sport, we’ll connect you with the right people and help you get involved. Simply contact a program coordinator in a province near you.

Wheelchair Loans: Sports wheelchairs are expensive, but don’t let the cost of equipment deter you. If you choose to continue, your provincial coordinator can often have your rental fees subsidized.

Wheelchair Sport Development Programs and Clinics: Found a sport you love? We’ll help you find a place to train and take those next steps. Whether you want to play on a recreational level or you have dreams of the Paralympics, we can put you in touch with the program closest to you.

Mentorship And Other Support: One great way to adapt to life with a newly acquired disability is to meet people who are living with a similar disability. We offer peer mentorship on both a formal and informal basis. We also offer other kinds of support. Want company for your first practice? We’ll do that. Having trouble finding transportation? We’ll do that too.